Penguin Pledge

Penguin Pledge

The Moraine PTA is committed to making our school the best it can be for our children.

We need your help through your donation to the Penguin Pledge.

Moraine PTA is funded through direct donations ONLY. We don’t ask you to sell pizza, candy bars, or other products you do not want or need! Instead, we ask you to contribute directly to the PTA.

When you donate to the Penguin Pledge, 100% of your donations go directly to Moraine PTA and there is no selling!

This is our most important fundraiser of the year.

Help the Moraine PTA make 2020 – 2021 an incredible year for our children!

Suggested donation amounts

$50 – – – – 1 Child

$100 – – – – 2 Children

$150 – – – – Family Level

$200+ – – – You’ll make a big impact!

$200 = 1 teacher stipend

$500 = 1 assembly for our Junior Enrichment Series

$1,000 = 1 Family Fun Night

Above are donation suggestions ONLY. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Please submit your Penguin Pledge through our MemberHub.

To make a donation online through the MemberHub store please visit the Penguin Pledge section here:

Penguin Pledge

If you would rather pay by check.  Please return this sheet with a check payable to Moraine PTA.

Penguin Pledge Form

Thank you!!!

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