School Toolbox – supply kit

Hello Parents,

We are excited to partner with School Toolbox again for the supply kit this year.Everything your student needs for 2020-2021 school year comes packaged in one convenient box, customized to your teacher’s requests. Each grade has a specific kit.

Click on the link to purchase your kits and they will be sent directly to your house. Combine your order with another family for free shipping. ($50 or more qualifies for free shipping) school-supplies/school/list- boxes/?schoolId=49913

Your one stop shop for back to school supplies!

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Jenn Chon at

**Please note that the supply kits are simply suggestions of helpful items and are strictly voluntary, as the Northville Public Schools provide the necessary supplies and materials for your child’s successful school experience.

March is Reading Month 2020 – Moraine Leaders DIVE into Reading!

March is Reading Month Important Dates-see last week’s listserv for specific MIRM information

March 2nd – March 13th:  Students can turn in gently used books outside of Ms. Devlin’s room for the Book Swap which will take place on March 19th

March 9th:  Turn in Week 1 Reading Activities Slip

March 12th:  Author Visit-Karen Bell-Brege and Darrin Brege

March 13thStudent Authored Books are due in the Moraine Office for display in the Media Center

March 13th:  Last Day to turn in books for the Book Swap

March 16th:  Turn in Week 2 Reading Activities Slip

March 19th: Book Swap

March 23rd:  Turn in Week 3 Reading Activities Slip

March 30th:  Turn in Week 4 Reading Activities Slip

March 31st:  Author Visit-Philip SteadApril 3rd:  Classroom Reading Celebrations

Resolution Endorsing 2020 Sinking Fund Replacement Millage for Northville Public Schools

WHEREAS Northville Council of PTA has consistently supported the children of Northville Public Schools;

WHEREAS failure of legislation to adequately fund schools, has created a problem for local districts trying to attain the highest level of education.

WHEREAS passage of the 2020 Sinking Fund Replacement Millage would provide the funding for the purpose of building and site repairs along with instructional technology and safety and security updates. The Sinking Fund could be used for repairs, replacements, renovations and remodeling of sites and building systems – such as roofs, heating and ventilation, electrical, paving of driveways and parking lots, classroom updates and other infrastructure needs over the next five years. It can also be used to pay for instructional technology and security equipment. This sinking fund provides an opportunity for schools to increase funds beyond what is allocated by state and federal resources, enabling the district to preserve money from the general fund to support instruction, programs, and salaries.

WHEREAS this resolution was unanimously adopted by the Northville Council of PTAs membership on Tuesday, January 28, 2020;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Northville Council of PTAs supports the passage of a Zero-Tax Increase Building and Site Sinking Fund, that will appear on the upcoming ballot on March 10, 2020.

ADOPTED by the Northville Council of PTAs Membership this 28 day of January, 2020. – Tanya Pitkin, President, Northville Council of PTAs

Key Communicators For Sinking Fund Millage Replacement

Several Moraine parents are “Key Communicators” who have been informed about the sinking fund renewal and can answer your questions: Mindy Eichenberg, Joy Hudyma, Kelly Masters, Melissa Stuart, Mamtha Balasubramaniam, Marissa Edwards, Cynthia Stump. Please see or email the Moraine PTA Key Communicator’s at
to reach out to these parents for information.

Please join us on Monday, Feb. 3 at 7:00 PM in Moraine’s Media Center for our PTA meeting. In addition to general business, our guest will be Mrs. Mary Kay Gallagher, Superintendent who will speak about  Northville Public Schools’ March 2020 Sinking Fund Millage Replacement.  

On March 10, 2020, voters in Northville Public Schools will be asked to consider replacing our current Sinking Fund millage with a new Sinking Fund millage that will extend the current .9519-mill levy from 2021 to 2025 and provide for broader uses of the proceeds, including instructional technology and security equipment. The current levy expires on Dec. 31, 2020. The .9519-mill five-year request is a REPLACEMENT of the existing sinking fund millage and would NOT result in an increase over the current millage rate.  

If supported, the sinking fund millage will continue to provide approximately $3 million each year to fund building and site repairs, along with instructional technology and safety and security upgrades.  This funding helps protect the community’s investment in the School District’s buildings and sites, while preserving General Fund dollars to accomplish the District’s core mission of instruction and student learning.  Priority projects for the next five-year period fall into the categories of Instructional Technology & Security, Energy & Operational Efficiency, and Health & Safety.

Please reach out to our key communicators or see the District website for more information:

Additionally, Dr. Bryan will briefly present on the 2017 Bond remodeling update work that will occur at Moraine over the summer. This is a PTA meeting you will not want to miss. Please feel free to invite neighbors, whether they have students at Moraine or not, who may have an interest in learning more about the upcoming Sinking Fund Millage Replacement request.

Note about donations…

Moraine is preparing for a major remodel/update this summer thanks to the Northville bond that passed in 2017. Preparing for this remodel/update necessitates sorting, packing, purging, and moving everything when school is out. We’ve begun the packing process. Frequently good-hearted neighbors and families leave donations of books or materials at our front door, or send them to school with children.  Unless you receive specific requests from your child’s teacher or PTA, we are not receiving material donations from now through 2020. 
In the weeks and months ahead we will communicate in more depth what you can expect to see at the “New and Improved Moraine” next school year. We remain grateful to the Northville community for supporting the bond, and the much needed work that will happen this summer.

Please consider Civic Concern, Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Friends of the Library for donations of clothing, books, craft items, or other material items through this calendar year. Please spread the word to your neighbors. 

Box Tops Update

  • Please continue to clip box tops and send in to school-they will continue to be honored .10C/box top as long as not expired.
  • If you see the new scan box tops label please download the new box tops app and scan the box top and receipt.
  • Box tops collection sheets will be sent home soon and need to be returned by October 20th for submission deadline of 11/1/19.  The next submission deadline is 3/1/20.
  • Both clipped box tops that are not expired AND scanned box tops earn $$$$ for Moraine!!!  Please see the attached instructions and products that support box tops.

Welcome Back Coffee & PTA Meeting

Please join us on Tuesday, September 3rd, at 9:00 a.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room for a PTA sponsored:




  • Come and mingle with your fellow Moraine families, new and returning
  • Meet the 2019-2020 Executive Board and Committee Chairs
  • Learn about new initiatives and school updates from our Principal Dr. Denise Bryan
  • Sign-up to volunteer for a PTA Committee that matches your time, availability, and interest/skill set
  • Enjoy coffee and baked goods with some terrific conversation on the side😉

Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday morning!!!

Visit the Moraine PTA Website ( with any questions in the interim.


1000 markers were recycled at the end of the last year!  Truly amazing how our community pulled together to collect all the used up and dried up markers and saved them from going into the landfill.

Thank you to all the students, parents, teachers and staff and of course Crayola for providing such a great educational and environmentally friendly way to recycle what would normally  be trash into fuel.

Be sure to save those markers when you are through and look for the boxes to return to the hallway and centrums this year!

Crayola Color Cycle

Crayola ColorCycle will accept all brands of plastic markers, not just Crayola markers.  That includes dry erase markers and highlighters!  ColorCycle will eliminate placing hundreds of tons of markers into landfills.