Resolution Endorsing 2020 Sinking Fund Replacement Millage for Northville Public Schools

WHEREAS Northville Council of PTA has consistently supported the children of Northville Public Schools;

WHEREAS failure of legislation to adequately fund schools, has created a problem for local districts trying to attain the highest level of education.

WHEREAS passage of the 2020 Sinking Fund Replacement Millage would provide the funding for the purpose of building and site repairs along with instructional technology and safety and security updates. The Sinking Fund could be used for repairs, replacements, renovations and remodeling of sites and building systems – such as roofs, heating and ventilation, electrical, paving of driveways and parking lots, classroom updates and other infrastructure needs over the next five years. It can also be used to pay for instructional technology and security equipment. This sinking fund provides an opportunity for schools to increase funds beyond what is allocated by state and federal resources, enabling the district to preserve money from the general fund to support instruction, programs, and salaries.

WHEREAS this resolution was unanimously adopted by the Northville Council of PTAs membership on Tuesday, January 28, 2020;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Northville Council of PTAs supports the passage of a Zero-Tax Increase Building and Site Sinking Fund, that will appear on the upcoming ballot on March 10, 2020.

ADOPTED by the Northville Council of PTAs Membership this 28 day of January, 2020. – Tanya Pitkin, President, Northville Council of PTAs

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