Note about donations…

Moraine is preparing for a major remodel/update this summer thanks to the Northville bond that passed in 2017. Preparing for this remodel/update necessitates sorting, packing, purging, and moving everything when school is out. We’ve begun the packing process. Frequently good-hearted neighbors and families leave donations of books or materials at our front door, or send them to school with children.  Unless you receive specific requests from your child’s teacher or PTA, we are not receiving material donations from now through 2020. 
In the weeks and months ahead we will communicate in more depth what you can expect to see at the “New and Improved Moraine” next school year. We remain grateful to the Northville community for supporting the bond, and the much needed work that will happen this summer.

Please consider Civic Concern, Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Friends of the Library for donations of clothing, books, craft items, or other material items through this calendar year. Please spread the word to your neighbors. 

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